Latvijas Laboratorās medicīnas biedrība





  • Latvian Society of laboratory medicine operating objective is to contribute to development of the laboratory diagnosis in Latvia
  • Latvian Society of Laboratory specialists is a full-fledged member of International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory  Medicine, and European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • In order to reach the above objective, the Society develops its activities along the following lines:
    • *give propositions and proposals to the institutions responsible for health care in the Republic of Latvia,
    • *work out standard requirements draft for its specialty, take part in the licensing and certification of specialists,
    • *care out of the professional training of its Members, organize and implement the supplementary education arrangements,
    • *organize seminars, conferences, congresses, and exhibitions,
    • *organize the legal defense of its Members, as well as make claims in cases of the lack of professional competence,                     deontological infringements, and other events,
    • *cooperate with other professional medical associations and societies,
    • *facilitate contacts of its Members with their colleagues in other countries,
    • *generalize and popularize the traditions of the Latvian medical school.
  • The Society supreme executive body is General Meeting. The Board manages activities of the Society during the periods between           General Meetings, as well as decide on all issues other than within the sole competence of the General Meeting.